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As a high experienced researcher, I offer a wealth of skills and knowledge to the research context. I can conduct research for clients, and undertake consultancy work. The emphasis on evidence-based practice requires the input of real data to inform good work. Being able to undertake research to generate valid findings, whether to inform new practice, to change practice or to move to new understandings, is a central tenet of quality practice.  Whether you need research to enable you or your organisation to learn or grow, or whether you need more of a general ‘feel’ for your context, I am able to design a research (or consultancy) to suit your purposes.

Services that I can offer include:

  • Development of research projects to suit your needs, and developed in consultation with your organisation

  • Conduct, analysis and reporting of research to your organisation, including the development of a formal report 

  • Development, implementation and reporting on consultancies within your organisations that have been tailored to your needs.

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Professor Robyn Jorgensen is primarily responsible for the foremost research undertaken in the learn to swim field, world-wide.  Professor Jorgensen's knowledge, expertise, insights and drive ensured the ground-breaking Early Years Swimming study was an unqualified success.  A highlight of the project was Professor Jorgensen's collaborative work with the Swim School industry - both around Australia and overseas.

Ross Gage

CEO, Australian Swim Schools Association

Dear Robyn

The early years learning research you conducted with industry partners was exceptional. The way you engaged with the swimming community to get such a robust study had to be seen to be believed. How you engaged and brought International swim schools into the study was another feature and, as a result, the study has now been used and translated into a number of languages..... great negotiation  skills.... well done!


The evaluation that showed "early years swimming" builds a child's social, emotional, physical, and intellectual capital is invaluable to the swimming industry and the parents.


What I wanted in terms of evaluations and findings of the project was easily understood and the feedback you built in made these findings very useful to the industry.

A big thank you from me and the Swimming Industry!

If I need research or evaluations again you will be the first one I  ring.


Laurie Lawrence

Laurie Lawrence

Swim school owner, Olympic coach and water safety expert with the Kids Alive program

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