Numeracy, Equity and ICT

A study of numeracy and ICT practices in primary schools

This project was funded through the Australian Research Council’s Discovery grant system. The study was conducted over a period of three years in both Queensland and Victorian schools. It explored the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) to support numeracy (mathematics) learning.

The aims of the project were to identify:

  • How ICTs are used in maths classrooms to support numeracy learning

  • The out-of-school numeracy and ICT practices of students

  • Synergies/gaps between home and school numeracy and ICT practices

  • Elements of best practice that will help teachers to develop practices in schools when using ICTs that will support and enhance numeracy learning for students most at risk of failure in school numeracy and/or mathematics.


Through both quantitative and qualitative methods, the project sought to identify the current state of play in schools with the use of computer technology to support mathematics learning and in that process identify quality practices with the explicit intention of using this information to develop guidelines to support quality learning for students and schools working with disadvantaged groups of students.