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As an accomplished researcher, I have had numerous invitations to speak in public forums. I have been a keynote speaker at state, national and international conferences in the areas of mathematics education, Indigenous education, swimming and workplace education. My talks are based on research evidence that can be used to inform the practices of the relevant industries.

In 2016, I was invited keynote speaker at:

Topics include:

  • Early years swimming - benefits of swimming for young children (this can be general or broken into particular areas such as educational, social, transitioning to school)

  • What makes for good lessons in swimming for early years

  • Indigenous education - what makes for successful teaching of remote Indigenous learners

  • How to support teachers to develop their potential to teach Indigenous learners

  • Mathematics Education - what makes for effective teaching in mathematics

  • A wide range of focus areas that help to build learners capacity to engage with and learn mathematics

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I have been lucky enough to work with Professor Robyn Jorgensen on a number of projects over the past 10 years. In my current role, I manage a drowning prevention program for children under 5 called Kids Alive - do the five. This community service program delivers free water safety materials to Early Learning centres and Swim Schools throughout Australia. With Robyn's guidance we have been able to create several resources and ensure the services that we provide are of the highest possible standard and meet best practice guidelines. Most recently Robyn has guided us through the conceptual phase acting as a chair on an advisory committee, conducted research into the rollout and usage of the package and collated the results into an independent evaluation to help us guide our future direction. I have no hesitation providing a testimonial for Professor Robyn Jorgensen because without her our program would not be as successful. She is an internationally renowned researcher and wonderful human being.

Emma Lawrence

Brisbane, Qld

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